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Determine Total EB-5 Eligible Job Creation with a Breakdown of Construction and Operational Jobs

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Join EB-5 economists, business plan writers, securities attorneys, immigration attorneys, project developers, sponsors, broker dealers and other EB-5 professionals who utilize our EB-5 job calculator on a daily basis

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Before our EB-5 job calculator, project developers would have to pay for preliminary EB-5 job creation studies that would take days and cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Now EB-5 preliminary job creation analysis is instant and free.

"With this tool we no longer need to hire an EB-5 economist for a preliminary job study and we get the results in seconds instead of days"

Xiaohan Zhu

EB-5 Project Sponsor

"Our first step in project evaluation is to run the numbers using this job calculator and determine the target EB-5 capital amount"

Stephen Steele, Esq.

Owner of Multiple EB-5 Regional Centers

Instantly Calculate How Many EB-5 Eligible Jobs Your Project Creates 

Works for All Project Types in All 50 U.S. States

 Calculates Hard / Soft Construction, and Operational Jobs 

Uses USCIS Approved RIMS II Economic Multipliers 


"Our team uses this calculator as a first step for EB-5 project job analysis....the ability to quickly determine EB-5 job creation is very helpful"

Real Estate Developer

"One of the most helpful and valuable tools for EB-5 project developers, sponsors, regional centers, and immigration attorneys"

Stella Shih, Esq.

EB-5 Immigration Attorney

Richard Milstein

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